Online Warnings!

2 Sep

There are several things you should look out for when playing online. There are literally thousands of online bingo sites ready to take your money how’d you know which of them are legitimate and willing to pay you out if you hit a win. If you are based in the UK your decision is made a lot easier as you can simply go to the UK gambling commission website and research which online operators have licences. By doing a search on the gambling commission website for the bingo site or brand name it will give you a list of all their licences. If the search returns no results then you can be assured that this site isn’t licence in the UK though it may be licence elsewhere such as motor or the Isle of Man.

This means you are protected in the UK as a UK customer against the company simply deciding not to pay out. The games are also regularly tested by the licence operator so that you can be assured the games are there and random.

You should also check their social media accounts. Any big bingo site operator will have an active Facebook and or Twitter account. Always check the feedback on the Facebook page to see people who have left reviews. Also check the comments under every post they have made as you will often get legitimate feedback on the operation. As tweets cannot be deleted it is also wise to check Twitter responses on posts they have made to see how people respond to the company. If most of the responses are positive then this is probably a good company to play with. You should also check to see if the likes and followers are legitimate. There are several sites that can help you do this and any company buying fake likes or Twitter followers is one to avoid. You can also check to see where the likes of from such as which country they are located in. Many companies buy fake followers from India or Pakistan. These sorts of followers of very low quality and simply purchase to make their brands look more popular. If you catch a company doing this then it is best that you avoid them altogether.

There are many other steps you can take to ensure a safe online experience when you play bingo. Check back at this site for more posts especially related to online banking and how you can make your transaction is 100% secure with a few easy steps.

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