2 Sep

The biggest question most people have when playing online bingo is how do I get my money online? Well there are many options available especially for those based in the UK. You can make a deposit using your credit or debit card. This is the most straightforward option and every single UK bingo site will accept your cards. Please note that some credit cards such as Visa or Barclaycard may charge you a fee for making deposits to gambling sites. Some of these companies have been known to treat these sort of deposits as a cash advance rather than a financial transaction. As such you may be charged up to 3 pounds plus the highest percentage APR possible. Is always advisable to check with your bank before making deposits. If you use a debit card then there will be no costs on your behalf as they are all absorbed by the bingo site.

If you do not wish to use your cards online then you can use your PayPal account to send money between sites. This is easy to do is as if you have made a purchase on eBay by using PayPal then the process is exactly the same. You can use your debit cards associated with the PayPal account to make a deposit or use funds already in your account. Once you have money in your PayPal account you can then withdraw it to your bank or use the PayPal debit card to withdraw money from any ATM.

There are many other wallet systems similar to PayPal such as neteller. This is the most popular wallet system used for online gambling transactions in the world. They handle millions of dollars every single day to sites all around the world. You can get your own neteller debit card to withdraw funds direct from your account to any ATM or use it at any of the millions of retailers around the world that except MasterCard debit cards. Using a wallet systems such as neteller is great for keeping your gambling transactions separate from your main bank account as you can easily keep track of how much you spend or lose every single month. Also when applying for a mortgage your broker may not like seeing lots of gambling transactions on your main bank account as such using neteller keeps them all under one transaction per month.

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